Bountiful City Council

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I am not your typical political candidate.

We have a favorite saying at our house: “Cultivate yourself, organize your family, govern the nation, and there will be peace under heaven.” (Confucius) 


This has been the trajectory I’ve chosen to take in my life. Just out of college, I taught English as a Second Language at BYU. After having our three kids, most of my time has been devoted to volunteering in the areas where my family spends time: in schools, extra-curricular activities, churches and in the community. 

The opportunity to serve my city feels like a natural extension of this trajectory. With my kids now grown up, I have time and focus to give to the people of Bountiful. I’m not running because I’m passionate about just one issue. I am passionate about our community. My goal is to represent the people of Bountiful by making thoughtful, informed decisions across the board.

Bountiful is already a great place to be. Our city has personality and character with great traditions. Let’s maintain that character as we focus on and enable economic development, increase civic engagement, and thoughtfully plan for a safe, healthy, bountiful future. 

I promise to help Bountiful stay a safe, prosperous, enjoyable place to live. A well-run city that meets people’s needs. A gathering place. A city that carefully and conservatively uses its resources to improve quality of life through thoughtful planning, careful budgeting,

and a vision for the future. 

My Focus


* Use tax dollars carefully and conservatively to meet the needs of the people in Bountiful.


* Keep taxes as low as possible. Keep funds in place for Bountiful to remain a pay-as-you-go city. 

* Listen to residents, invite and include community input in important discussions. 

* Establish an opt-in city text system to get important city information to residents about upcoming meetings and issues.



* Support local businesses, encourage improvement and economic growth.


* Support special events, arts, and community gathering opportunities.


* Carefully plan for future growth to ensure that infrastructure and public transportation options are in place to keep the high quality of life we have in Bountiful. 

* Update and integrate technology to meet city needs.


 * Use public funds wisely to develop and maintain parks, trails, and all that makes Bountiful a great place to live.



to Safety

* Maintain and support our excellent police and fire departments.

* Ensure that infrastructure is updated and well maintained and that Bountiful is prepared for emergencies. 


* Work to resolve the safety issues at the "B" recreational area.


 * Establish emergency alert and information text system for residents.